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Outsourced labor for the maintenance and conservation of property

DKV through its outsourcing services allows its commercial and industrial customers to concentrate in a more focused manner in their area of expertise for better results, by allowing DKV to manage its needs of maintenance and conservation of it’s properties through personnel managed directly by DKV serving full time in it’s customers facilities.

DKV has a recruitment and selection Process to guarantee our customers the right personnel for its maintenance and property conservation needs.

Our practices and policies in outsourcing needs

We operate with all the occupational safety practices and use of personal protection equipment required by the customer.
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We operate respecting the environment.


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We comply with all the laws, dispositions and regulations of our customers.
Work shifts according to law.


Prohibition of under age labor.
Properly filtered employees with certifications of clean criminal records.


Employees properly identified with id badges and uniforms of Dekora del Valle.
Our customers do not have any relation with Dekora del Valle employees and the Customer is exonerated from any situation related with Dekora del Valle employees. However, the assigned employee submits to the norms and standard of the Customer.